July 18, 2008

New Car

My car died. She had been a good car. Sally the Saturn had been with me for a little over 6 years when she just refused to start anymore (quad-driver, computer problems and simply old age). Though I bought her used, she got me through my last two years of college and all four years of seminary. And now she's gone on to benefit a charity.

And that means car shopping.

I thought when the time came I would buy another "previously owned" vehicle. But with a job on the horizon and the need to feel secure about my mode of transportation in a state that gets some fierce weather in the winter, I decided to look at some new cars.

I spent some time doing some research and then a day test driving my top choices. And here s/he is:

2008 Chevy Equinox in Silverstone Metallic

I'll pick the car up on Monday! And then the car payments will begin ... but for now I'm excited about a new car!

(Note to car sales people: Talking about how badly you need to use the bathroom to relieve yourself, and in not so polite terms, is not a good way to attract customers. Also, the manager encouraging his employee to blow off the customer wandering around outside so the two of you can go get a good seat at a restaurant in a voice loud enough for other customers to hear is not impressive.)


Anonymous said...

What will you be doing with Sally the Saturn? Can I recommend a great place called http://www.junkacar.com

Good luck with your new car! :)

All the best for now

1-4 Grace said...

nice car! Can't wait to hear mroe about your new call!
I guess this means i don't get to recommend you here once the church gets a PNC going?

1-4 Grace said...

Wow, hysterical about the car sales guy!
They are a rare breed and for this we give thanks