July 20, 2008

Confusing Conversation

Dan the Car Sales Man: I just need you to answer a few questions to get your financing all worked out.

Me: Okay.

Dan: What's your place of employment?

Me: _____ Church. But are you going to call them?

Dan: Do you really have a job there?

Me: Well, yes and no. The church has offered me the job and I've accepted it, but it still has to be approved by a committee before it's all official. So you can't call the church.

Dan: Okay, that should be fine. The bank just wants to know you have a job. Now do you know approximately how much money you'll be making?

Me: Well, yes. But here's the thing. I'm going to live in a manse, a house owned by the church. And that's part of my compensation. So I won't have to pay rent or a mortgage.

Dan: But do you know what your salary will be?

Me: Take home cash will be $$$.

Whew. I think I thoroughly confused the guy.


Beth said...

You don't know me but I 'found' you through RevGalBlogPals, and I loved this post! DH and I are both pastors, who live in a parsonage, and it's always fun to fill out financial paperwork! LOL

OH....and congrats on your call!

Sarah said...

sounded like a fun time - I hate haggling over cars but it is worth it, money wise! Because your Effective salary - that your self-employment taxes are figured on - is your total package of cash and housing allowance - might want to check with accountant sometime but for car and house financing the whole pkg matters (and eventually for college financial aid, too) -....of course tax laws, etc. will change!

1-4 Grace said...

I am still trying to get folks to undersand and "get' what a manse is!
Down here the Baptist of years ago said, "parsoange" and now none of them do that anymore....but when you say, "manse" it jsut misses with their minds.
Oh, and for reference when you get a questions about rent or own...
don't try to explain it, jsut say you rent, even though you don't actually rent...it saves tiem and energy.
Already went through that with the wate and electric company and with personal insurance for "renters."

Thom M. Shuman said...

Reminds me of what we went through trying to buy our first home - 'Yes, I get a housing allowance; no, it does not count as compensation; yes, it is actual money I receive; no, it is not shown on a W-2; yes, I work at a church; no, I am not an employee." Really like your blog and wish you well on your call, your ministry, your spiritual life and growth, and especially your writing! Keep it up! Thom