April 26, 2008

Falling In Love ...

Not with a person.
With a church.
With specific churches.

Churches that I had applied to.
Churches that I was really excited about because of their ministry and vision, the positions open and the people I had talked to.

And now I'm back at square one because it turns out that those churches are not where the Spirit is leading me. I gave myself a week off from the call process. I needed a break. I told myself I wouldn't get so excited about specific churches again because it led to too much disappointment. I told myself that I would be excited about the church universal because of some of the great things I've read and heard about specific churches and people doing, but I wouldn't get attached to a specific church.

But I've done it again.

As I read about churches who are searching for pastors, one in particular jumped out at me. I'm hoping my excitement about this specific church is the movement of the Holy Spirit.


Songbird said...

Ah, I hope you will soon find "the one!"

1-4 Grace said...

It would be so cool if this is the one. Hang in thee if it is not, be good to yourself, and keep trusting in the Holy Spirit. Our call process does have its flaws and unfortunatley the various churches have their own system with PNCs to find canadidates.
We really need some reformation in that area.
I hate to sound too much like Obi Won Kenobi, but do trust your instincts on all counts. I have learend those red flags mena soemthign as well as the exciting feeling you ahve in you for churches. I saw lots of red flags in a meeting recently...I mean Big Red Flags flying high.

1-4 Grace said...

Oh, also somethign I was told by a former staff person at your seminary of choice...
"Don't be afraid to ask for more money because you are female."
Sounds silly but there is a suprising difference in what males and females are willing to take...
So, be mindful that you have same training, have passed the same Ords, and ahve jumped through the smae hoops.
Don't let some differce of anatomy cause you to get less. I am trying to not be crude, but I think ya understand.