May 19, 2007

(Not my) Graduation Day

The Columbia Theological Seminary class of 2007 graduated today. I went to the commencement ceremony. I watched the graduates walk across the stage, receive their diploma, and get their hood. I listened as they were declared masters of all things divine.

And I shed a few tears as everyone stood to clap and honor all of the graduates.

Because I could have been one of them.

I could have been one of them because my class graduated today. The class I started seminary with finished seminary today. So I could have been one of the MDiv graduates today.

That could have been me in the cap, gown and hood today, but I don't know that it should have been. My yearlong internship is proving to be invaluable in terms of practical experience. And so I will graduate next year, with my other class.


Adam said...

Yup. My thoughts exactly. Although, I didn't get to see my friends graduate...

It is a weird feeling though - to know that we'll be going up to Princeton on Monday to a place where my friends will have just left...

But it's been a good year down here too - glad it worked out how it did.

But it's still hard.

Karen Fleming said...

This new classmate is beyond glad you'll be in that cap and gown next year.

Miss you already!